Bringing Your Product Idea to Life

Engineering for Medical Devices From Concept To Launch

Viable Product Experts

A65 Consulting turns device concepts into viable products with expert teams and attention to detail.

Solving Your Challenges

Our expertise in device creation, project management, and engineering can solve overwhelming challenges.


Delivering Results

Dreams are great, but results matter.

Your device may start out as an abstract idea, but it takes a team of knowledgeable, driven people with meticulous attention to detail and years of analytical engineering experience to deliver results that meet your customer’s needs.

Transforming your device into a real and viable product is even harder if your team is overwhelmed by tight deadlines, missing critical knowledge, or has other distractions.

We solve these challenges. In fact, we thrive in the stress of the board asking hard hitting questions about how you will deliver. You could say that we are your backstop.

Our engineering team brings together years of expertise in medical device innovations and product development to move your device from concept to reality.

Trying to find the right engineers for your next medical device?

Download “The Ultimate Solution for Engineering Your Next Medical Device” guide to discover who’s right for you.


Engineering &

Augment Your Team
Need extra engineers to carry a project through to completion? We’ve got you covered. Using our engineers allows you to bring in the right specialists to work on your device without the cost and commitment of hiring them full-time.

We can integrate seamlessly with your team to ensure your project is completed on time, on budget, and the final device meets your product requirements.


Access to specialized engineers without the commitment to a full-time employee


Augment your team with our skilled engineers.


Ensure timely completion of your project.


Adhere to budget and specifications.


Enhance Your Leadership

Are you experiencing a gap in your engineering team’s leadership? We can help.

We provide leadership services to expertly guide the engineering team through the challenging product development process.

We’ll come alongside your current leadership team and supplement them, or step into an interim role to help you fill the gap until you can find a permanent replacement.

Like everything we do, we will hold to the highest standards of excellence that align with your objectives.


Why choose us

Trust and confidence is essential in our line of work. It comes from the reputation we’ve spent years building. 

When you choose A65 Consulting, you’re not choosing a consulting company that will burn through your budget and deliver average work. 

You are choosing a premium medical device consulting company with engineering specialists who are passionate about creating high performing designs and totally commited to meeting your product development objectives.


How It Works

Working with A65 Consulting is a straightforward process. Our team of engineers will work with you hand-in-hand to ensure your project success.

Step 1: Request a Proposal

Looking to take your device from concept to launch but need some help getting there? Email or call to request a proposal for your project.

Step 2: Proposal and Contract

We’ll meet to ask questions and outline your objectives. After our meeting, we will send you a detailed proposal.

Step 3:
Kickoff Meeting

Once we have agreed on a contract, we’ll meet to officially start the project and establish your design goals.

Step 4: Design, Testing, and Iteration

Our engineers will start on your project. We’ll hold regular client meetings to ensure design alignment.

Step 5: Documentation and Project Completion

Once the project is completed, we’ll provide you all the project documentation from designs


“A65 has been invaluable when needing to start or scale up a design project. I used Steve and his team over the past five years, across multiple medical device companies and a variety of different design challenges. They always deliver. When you need an experienced team fast, this is the place to turn. What I like the most is how A65 can seamlessly integrate into your team.”


"I reached out to A65 Consulting when our team was moving forward at risk without having an analytical model to drive a basic understanding of our system. We were under the gun on time, and didn’t have the resources to sidetrack in-house staff on this fundamental exercise. But, it was an important technical debt exercise that we needed to complete. A65 took our inputs from an initial meeting and on-site interview and completed the fluidics model in parallel, with very little management demand from our group. The output of the effort is a fundamental model that allowed us to resolve defects that we might have had to live with had we not executed the work. I look at A65 as a flexible expansion of my group, whatever I am working on."

R&D Engineering Director
Virus Analytics Company

“I have worked with Steve at A65 Consulting for many years. They are one of the most complete consulting groups you will have the pleasure to work with. From engineering to project and functional management, they can do it all and do it well. They have all the facets covered. They can do a great design in SolidWorks while simultaneously leading the project team. They are well versed in the design, manufacturing, RA/QA, and business side of getting a product to market. In addition, they are easy to work with and handle stressful situations well. They are extremely diligent and hard working. You can’t go wrong using Steve and A65 Consulting.”

R&D Engineering Director
Medical Device Company

"Steve is so easy to work with and was able to work with product management to ensure we were not only making a good product but meeting the users needs from all aspects. Communication and teamwork were what made Steve feel like a part of the team from day one!"

Product Manager
Orthopedic Company